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This site has been set up by the Parish Council to:

  • Provide information on the work of the Council,
  • Provide access to the Council's records,
  • Promote activities within Knebworth Parish and to
  • Provide links to other organisations that operate within the parish, or whose decisions affect the residents of Knebworth.

Your Parish Councillors are:

  • John Bantick (Chair)
  • Kevin Burr 
  • Rosemary Conybeare 
  • Philip Farr 
  • Graham Fothergill
  • Carly Gribble 
  • Barry Hall 
  • Steve Hemingway 
  • John Hunt 
  • Rosemary Pateman 
  • Elisabeth Smith 
  • Alan Sleator
 Full contact details may be found on the Members Page.

The sole officer of the Parish Council is Claire Graham, Clerk to the Council. Email clerk@knebworthpc.org.uk or call 01438 813795.

The work of the council is principally conducted in Parish Council meetings which take place approximately every other month. The following committees exist to support the full Parish Council:
  • The Recreation Ground Committee (chair, Kevin Burr),
  • The Village Hall Committee (chair, Barry Hall),
  • The Planning Committee (chair, Steve Hemingway),
  • The Finance and General Purposes Committee (chair, Dr Graham Fothergill).
The membership of the different committees can be see from the Members Page.

If you have ever wondered about the powers and duties of a Parish Council in England you might be interested in the useful summary on Wikipedia. Click here for the page (opens in new window).


  • TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT MEASURES ON VARIOUS ROADS THROUGHOUT HERTFORDSHIRE DURING THE ‘TOUR OF BRITAIN - WOMEN'S CYCLE RACE’ This is an official announcement issued by Herts Highways. HERTFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL Traffic Management Measures on Various Roads throughout Hertfordshire during the ‘Tour of Britain - Women's Cycle Race’ NOTICE is given that the Hertfordshire County Council intend to make an Order under Section 16(A) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to prohibit all traffic from using the following lengths of roads and to prohibit all vehicles from stopping, waiting, loading or unloading on both sides of these lengths of roads, whilst the event is in progress:- 1) that length of College Road, Cheshunt from its junction with A10 Great Cambridge Road south westwards to its junction with Cromwell Avenue, a distance of approximately 500 metres. 2) that ...
    Posted 15 Apr 2014 03:59 by Stephen Hemingway
  • Village Hall Refurbishment The Village Hall has recently had its damp-proof course replaced and has had much of its external render replaced and repainted. It is looking very good now as this recent photo shows.
    Posted 3 Apr 2014 01:32 by Stephen Hemingway
  • Planning Committee Meeting, 7pm, 7 April, Knebworth Village Hall AGENDA 1. Apologies for Absence. 2. Declaration of Interests To receive from Members of the Council any declaration of interests in respect of any business set out in the agenda. Members should either declare a prejudicial or personal interest and area required to notify the Council of the nature of any interest declared 3. Minutes To take as read and approve as a true record the minutes of the meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee held on 3 March 2014 4. 14/00530/1HH 11 Stockens Dell, Knebworth First floor infill front extension 5. 14/00540/1HH 45 Broom Grove, Knebworth Single storey side extension and alterations to change existing flat roof to pitch roof 6. 14/00542/1HH ...
    Posted 31 Mar 2014 08:43 by Stephen Hemingway
  • Demolition of all existing buildings, 111 London Road, Knebworth, SG3 6HD Many residents will have noticed the start of demolition of 111 London Road and have wondered how it was that this has not been discussed at a Planning Committee meeting. In fact the demolition does not require planning permission as explained by Mary Caldwell, Development and Conservation Manager at NHDC in the attached letter.The documentation may be viewed on the NHDC Planning Portal. You will need to search by application number: 13/00451/1DD.I have provided links to the documents here for your convenience:Application FormApproved PlansDecision NoticeSupporting Documents - Demolition Justification Statement (note that when this link was posted the NHDC document server did not return any results. I assume that this is a temporary ...
    Posted 23 Mar 2014 10:46 by Stephen Hemingway
  • Resurfacing of Lytton Fields - 25 Mar Works on the worn out road from the junc of Hornbeam Spring to the junction of Gibbons Way.The work is programmed to start on the Tuesday 25th March and should be completed within 1 day. 
    Posted 18 Mar 2014 05:09 by Stephen Hemingway
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